Come on -  Hit us!

Many people have offered money, advice and hints in support of the trip, These are all hugely appreciated. 

If you would like to offer any advice for the journey, share a contact or two en-route or want to wave to us as we cycle by, please get in touch and send any or all of them our way! 

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The Book

The Grand Section gets chronicled! No need to pedal. Enjoy the trip from an armchair, deck chair or bean bag. 

Until November 2017 we've had the book up for pre-order which we've had great interest in. As people have bought the book throughout the trip, their support has helped us tackle this beast! Thank you!

If you missed out on the pre-ordering you'll now have to sit tight in anticipation and keep an eye on the shelf of your local book shop! (or if you're desperate get in touch and we'll work something out)

*Please note this book won't be available until after the trip completion, in 2018 & if you've got any inkling about the world of publishing put down your fork and GET IN TOUCH!




Don't want a book? Just keen to see the beast that is this trip come to life? Chip in here (click the button ABOVE!) Anything is most welcome!

Don't want to donate cash but have some awesome hints, sights to see or people you know along the route? Just use the form on this page to shoot us the details. We would be much appreciative.

Thanks to everyone who has helped already!!