The Grand Section Guardian #011 - Non Stops 009-011 -In-between - Marree to Alice Springs / by Owen and Bobbie

10th - 29th June 2017  

Oodnadatta route

The in-between, just as crucial as the destinations or stops. Through slowness we are fully emersed in the place, people and stuff (architecture). It is through engaging with the broader Australian condition and all it comprises that we are learning the most and blowing many preconceptions to smithereens. Having an in-depth understanding of the value of how place influences in-habitation is crucial to 'good' architecture for people and place.

We're uncovering this bit by bit, blow by blow as you can see below. Traversing the Oodnadatta and Binns track through SA and NT and Dieri, Nganampa, Wangkanguru and Arabunna country to name a few, it was 'peak season', and so we were inundated with dust and traffic from the Finke races and 4x4 convoys. 

Check out some of our shitty sketch travel reflections of the in-between non stops 009-011, Marree - Alice Springs (10th-29th June) and the information, data (hard + anecdotal) and knowledge we've collected.  

001 Mound Springs sml.jpg
002 William Crk sml.jpg
003 Angle Pole sml.jpg
004 Dalhousie sml.jpg
005 Old Andado sml.jpg
006 Santa Teresa sml.jpg



(getting more...) Dusty & Thirsty

*Not edited by the wonderful Jen Richards, so please excuse ALL mistakes, they're there...