The Talkin' Circuit / by Owen and Bobbie

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The talkin' circuit

We're somewhat settling back in, but it is strange to be a room with a bed and the windows so far away and a whole lot of hustle bustle. Slowness seems to be about as forgotten as the inland. 


We've got lots of bits and bobs to share, and we promise it's more than just 'Blah'. We will be cracking around doing some story telling over the coming months about The Grand Section journey until we start our roving national exhibition around May/June! The chatting is mainly happening up and down the east coast and we just might be coming to your neck of the woods! 

Check out the exciting things coming up below and stay tuned! We'd love to have your company and to share our journey with you in person!

As always, we're open to ideas, suggestions and enquiries. If you'd like to hear some story telling in a place near you that isn't below, get in touch!


Until next time... best wishes in slowness. 



Much Cleaner & Still Thirsty (aliases of Dusty & Thirsty)