A Dusty update and another Thirsty exhibition... / by Owen and Bobbie

We have two pieces of news...

First news

We are bloody award winners!

The Australian Institute of Architects on the 21st June at The National Architecture Conference awarded us with The Student Prize for the Advancement of Architecture for our contribution to the profession with our work from The Grand Section in 2017 and National Exhibition - Girthy; with Slim Edges in 2018. 

It came as a great surprise to us and is a wonderful feeling to have our work formally recognised and validated by leaders in our profession, particularly due to it being judged by a national panel. 

We certainly have not gotten to this point on our own, we have thanks to give to many many people. So many people have helped us along our journey, and in what ever capacity that has been from kind words to bananas on the road, to editing a blog, giving us a bed, buying a book (which is coming….) to monetary support, thank you for your time, love, thoughts and generosity, you are a part of this journey, body of work and now, national recognition.

The best part let's be honest, was a chance to flaunt some custom made tent off-cut clothing from our exhibition tent on the National Conference runway. Many a strange looks came our way in the morning, but once the award was announced by the afternoon there was a nod of understanding alongside the strange looks. A commentary on many levels, watch this recycled tent space…. A massive thanks to Costumer Designer Liz Palmer for her professional tips, Sally Mctaggart for her tent unpicking and Zian Meredith for her help over a big outfit construction weekend.

Second News

The Exhibition re-merges from the cupboard!

For all of you who missed our nationally touring exhibition in 2018, Girthy; with Slim Edges, you've got another chance! Lucky you! 

The exhibition along with other interactive and  saleable works we have produced will be exhibited in Cessnock Regional Art Gallery from July 16 to August 10 with a launch on Saturday 20th July 12-1pm. We will be giving a yarn and introducing the ideas behind the exhibition and work: Rethink, Relook, Remap our country. 

Thanks to Cessnock Regional Art Gallery and its volunteers (most notably Judy Robinson and James ) for a great install weekend and hosting our exhibition and ideas for the coming month. Other local businesses of the main street have ended up getting involved with the local Vinnies letting us borrow mannequins and the local bike shop lending us a push bike for decoration.

Otherwise, Later news….

We have been busy working away on other projects, to give you a quick update for those interested -

  • We are working away on the small house project in Blackheath for Owens parents and are hoping to start construction by the end of year. The Flame zone requirements and steep site is proving challenging

  • We are both carrying out work with the phenomenal Healthabitat, getting us back out into red dirt. In May, Bobbie had the opportunity to join a sanitation project in Nepal thinking about and producing Maintenance regimes for new and already constructed projects

  • Bobbie is about to head away to Stuttgart Germany on a scholarship for big footprint conversations on small living. From living in 5.5sqm (tent and bike) between the two of us for a year, she thinks she is in good standing for a conversation or two on the topic.

  • The book, collating The Grand Section’s content and ideas/reflections we have since conceived

May the Girth be with you.