The Section Guardian #003 - Stop 01, Fraser Blazer

K’gari, (Fraser Island) is the (is)land of the Butchulla people and is one entirely of sand. It is the world’s largest.

Although a sand island, great diversity exists. The west of the island, the ancient side with calm waters and sinking sand consists of dunes over 700,000 years old consisting of low growing heaths, sheltered tidal mud flats and mixed forest and woodland. HUGE ancient rainforests exist in sheltered valleys thriving on middle aged central dunes throughout the center reaching to what we guessed was over 50 meters tall and houses a terrible amount of mosquitoes. The East of the island is the wild yet ‘new’ side of the island with SE prevailing winds brining sand up the coast of Australia (all the way from Antarctica), constantly forming and re-shaping the East coast creating sand blows and sideways growing banksias. Pioneer plants are the start of all this diversity, taking hold on the newly formed dunes and sand blows, providing a foothold for larger more diverse plants to begin. Analysed through our sections, the eastern settlements; Dilli Village, Happy Valley, Eurong (&more) are nestled back amongst the 2nd and 3rd established sand dunes for protection.

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