Australia’s Drainage Divisions Artwork

Drainage Divisions Exports-15.jpg
Drainage Divisions Exports-15.jpg

Australia’s Drainage Divisions Artwork


Australia’s Drainage Divisions

Resource: Bureau of Meteorology, 2001

Laser cut Perspex Display Panel and CNC routed Plywood Frame

[ Button Head Screw fixings w/Rubber Washers and Beeswax finish]

240mm x 240mm 

Price includes frame as shown in image and custom made frame size stand from routed Marine Plywood shelf in image. Price excludes LED light and postage.

Produced in July 2019 for The Grand Section exhibition at Cessnock Regional Art Gallery

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States and Territories 

Australia as Mapped in 1756 

Europe’s Landmass 

Australia’s Bioregions 

Aboriginal Grain Belt (From Tindale 1974) 


Average Annual Evaporation, 1975-2005 (BOM) 

Temperature Trends, 1910-2015 

Rainfall Trends, 1950-2007 

Geology, 1950-2007 

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Aboriginal Massacre Sites 

Major Floristic Types

Population Density 2016 

Natural Resources 

Roads and Trains

Aboriginal Migration (Archeological sites x 1000 years ago) 

Native Title  SOLD

Acquifer Productivity 

Dependence on groundwater 

Rivers and lakes 

European exploration 

Aboriginal Language groups pre colonization SOLD 

Drainage divisions